Georgia DUI Driver's Rights Card

Know your rights. Show your rights.™

The purpose of this Driver’s Rights Card, provided by Law Office of Shania King, LLC, is to help educate members of the public on how to assert their rights under Georgia law. Carry the following Driver’s Rights Card at all times in each automobile you own along with your registration, and proof of insurance—together in a single envelope. If you are stopped by the police, hand the officer the envelope with all three records along with your driver’s license. Let the card speak for you. Do not read it to the officer. Remember, the police have power, but their power is limited by your rights if you assert them.

This Driver’s Rights Card is intended solely to educate the public about their legal rights during a traffic stop. It is not legal advice and should not be understood as creating any attorney-client relationship. It is not intended to help individuals avoid detection or prosecution for violations of the law. The safest way to avoid a drunk-driving arrest is to drink responsibly and have a designated driver.

Click on the image below to view and print the enlarged version of the Driver's Rights Card in a separate window.