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What is aggravated stalking?

Aggravated stalking means the victim is accusing you of violating a bond order or any other court order by placing the victim under the surveillance, contacting the victim, or following the victim without their consent to harass or intimidate the victim.

What is the penalty for aggravated stalking in GA?

If you’re convicted of an aggravated stalking charge in Georgia, the maximum punishment is 10 years. And the maximum fine for aggravated stalking in Georgia is $10,000.

How to beat an aggravated stalking charge?

There must be a valid court order, bond condition, and/or probation condition in place that prevents you from contacting the alleged victim.

Even if there is a valid court order, the prosecutor would need to prove you contacted the victim to harass or intimidate the victim. Therefore, it’s important to contact our firm immediately if you get an aggravated stalking charge.

Not only will you get a free consultation from an experienced Atlanta criminal defense attorney, but we can start working promptly to investigate your aggravated stalking charge before the evidence disappears.

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