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Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer

You didn’t ask to be in this situation. Now is the time to get help immediately. If someone else is responsible for your injury, then they should pay for it. Get the full compensation of what you’re owed.

After all, each injury is different. For a car accident, the other driver runs a red light and totals your vehicle. For an assault, a security guard uses improper force to remove a customer from the premises. For a wrongful death, a workplace construction site’s safety system fails. It’s always unexpected. Yet our job remains the same—to get you the full measure of justice available under the Court system.

In our personal injury practice, we represent individuals who have been injured as a result of:

  • Car accidents, including rear-end collisions and accidents that occur due to texting while driving
  • Truck accidents, including those involving commercial vehicles
  • Wrongful Death
  • Product liability and defective products
  • Premises liability
  • Catastrophic injuries, including loss of limb

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